United States Send Ship Parent to Atlantic

US aircraft carrier, USS Harry S Truman. Photo: AP

atynews.com – US Navy (US) reportedly sent the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman into the Atlantic waters.

Reported by USNI News, Tuesday (3/7/2018) The mother ship carrying US combat ships departed about four days ago from the Mediterranean Sea.

This is done after Russian submarines frequently operate off the eastern US coast.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in a statement that Russia with its submarine is very busy in the region.

“Russia has massively invested in its maritime capabilities, especially in submarines,” he said.

He also said the level of Russian submarine activity was the highest since the cold war passed.

“The level of Russian submarine activity is at its highest level since the Cold War,” he added.

An official from the Navy said that the aircraft carrier group USS Harry Truman would continue operations to support US and NATO interests.