Israel Send Tanks and Artillery to the Syrian Border

The Israeli military said they deployed additional tank and artillery troops near the Syrian border. Photo / Specialties – The Israeli army has reportedly sent additional tank and artillery troops to the Syrian border.

Quoted from his official twitter account, Tuesday (3/7/2018), This is the anticipation of widespread meeting between Damascus and rebels.

They sent additional troops to anticipate in the Golan Heights.

“Additional tanks and artillery troops have been deployed as part of preparations and readiness for developments in the Syrian Golan Heights,” the Tweet wrote.

As reported earlier, the Syrian peace talks agreement represented by Russia with the rebels found no results.

Russia and Syria are also reported to have stepped up their attacks on the border in the Deraa Region since last Saturday.

Israel’s defense minister with Russia’s defense minister has also discussed steps to be taken after the failure of the peace talks.

There is no more detailed information on the number of troops added to the Israeli border.