North and South Korean Leaders Hold Historic Summit

North and South Korean Leaders

North and South Korean Leaders

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korea President Moon Jae-In just met in a historic meeting where Kim being the first NK leader in history to have crossed into South. They promised to cooperate in order to bring peace to the world. Kim had been in the headlines for constantly conducting nuclear tests. This would be a new era for the two. Reports suggest they have talked a lot regarding the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Kim took his younger sister, Kim Yo-Jong to the meeting and were warmly greeted by Moon Jae-In. They later took a picture together, and then opened the summit by crossing the demarcation line. From the photos, Kim appeared to invite Moon to step into the North, to which moon responded nicely. The meeting was great for both since tensions between the two countries had increased sharply after the fourth nuclear test announcement.

With this summit, at least the tensions could be eased. Not just the South, the North’s nuclear program is also considered a threat to the civilized world, so this will come as a great relief. Apart from his sister, Mr Kim also brought other 8 officials. “A new history begins now – at the starting point of history and the era of peace,” Kim wrote in a guestbook at the venue. Despite being portrayed as a tough guy, Kim appeared a bit nervous during the meeting, but relaxed quickly after he met Moon.

Kim didn’t go there empty-handed. It was revealed that he brought cold noodles from the North and hoped Mr Moon would eat them. He said that he’d no longer bother the South with the constant missile tests. To convince moon, Kim said he would love to meet again in the future. The meeting lasted around one hour and a half and was ended with Kim coming over to the North side again.