Curtiss-Wright Will Supply Rapid Submarine Vessels of US Ownership

Submarine Illustration. Photos: Popular Mechanics – US Curtiss-Wright has been signed a new contract with the US navy.

Quoted from Naval Technology, Monday (02/07/2018), Later this company will make the procurement of valves for submarines fast attack nuclear-powered US Navy.

The contract value is rumored to be worth USD 28 Million. It is intended for shipbuilding and procurement of submarine spare parts.

David C Adams, CEO of Curtiss-Wright says they are pleased with the cooperation with this marine defense and will continue this long-term relationship.

“Curtiss-Wright is pleased to have awarded this vital marine defense contract, which continues our long-standing relationship with the US Navy Navy and ongoing support of the critical marine defense platform” he said.

He also said they would support the US Congress with the company’s commitment to provide technology for submarines.

“Since the commencement of nuclear-powered vessels, Curtiss-Wright’s commitment to providing the most advanced and reliable technology has ensured Congressional support.” he continued.

The US Navy itself continues to develop all of their weapons. Whether it’s submarines and warships.