Singapore Ready to Replace F-16 Fighter Jets With the F-35

Singapore Air Force F-16 fighter jets. Photo / Straits Times / Photo Files – Singapore plans to replace its F-16 fighter jet with sophisticated fighter jets, one of which is the F-35, a fifth-generation US fleet jet made in the United States.

Reported by Reuters on Monday (2/7/2018), This was disclosed by the Minister of Defense of Singapore, Ng Eng Hen in a statement.

He also said jet fighter manufacturers would be given the opportunity to offer themselves.

Ng Eng Hen also added, Currently Singapore has 60 F-16 fighter jets that have entered the old age. He said the fighter jets would soon be replaced.

He also said that it is possible that Singapore will buy US-owned F-35, Russian-owned Sukhoi and Chinese-made Jet fighter.

“Whether it’s Typhoon, whether it’s the F-35, whether it’s Sukhoi, even now a stealth fighter jet made in China, I mean that’s the candidate you’re used to seeing,” he said.

He refers to the Eurofighter Typhoon built by BAE Systems UK and the F-35 stealth fighter from Lockheed Martin based in the United States (US). While Sukhoi is a Russian manufacturer with the latest flagship product is the Su-35 and Su-57 fighter jets.

Modern fighter jets cost about USD20 million to USD100 million, depending on the manufacturer.