Japan’s MOMO-2 rocket falls after take off

The Japanese MOMO-2 rocket fell and exploded to Earth a few seconds after taking off on Saturday (06/30/2010). Photo / Japan Times

atynews.com – Japan’s rocket launch, MOMO-2 crashed on Saturday after a few seconds of take-off and crashed.

Quoted from The Mainichi, Monday (2/7/2018), The second rocket that failed is made by Interstellar Technologies.

The private company is reported to have twice failed in a row. MOMO-1 is also declared unsuccessful after missing 70 seconds of contact in flight.

MOMO-2 itself is known to have a length of about 10 meters, a diameter of 50 centimeters and weighs about one ton.

This failure also worries those involved in this ambitious project.

“I can not immediately understand what happened,” said Interstellar Technologies President, Takahiro Inagawa, in a press conference.

The company’s founder, Takafumi Horie called it “an unprecedented failure.”

“We can not achieve what we expect, I feel sorry for it,” Inagawa said.