Russian Military Shoots Drone in Syrian Skies

The Russian military says their troops stationed in Syria have shot a number of unidentified drones in the territory of Hmeymim. Photo / Specialties – Russian military forces are reported to have shot a number of drone aircraft in the Hmeymin Territory of Syria.

Quoted from Sputnik on Monday (2/7/2018), the Drone was shot down after maneuvers over Russian military bases in the region.

In a similar statement, Russia’s air defense system stationed at the military headquarters has destroyed all of these targets.

“The air defense system stationed at the Russian airbase destroyed all targets,” the Russian military statement said.

The Russian military added that the drones flew from the northeast of Hmeymim’s military base. So far no one has claimed to be the owner of the drone.

There has been no further confirmation of who sent the drone to a Russian military base in Syria.