Russia Back to Assess Nuclear Weapon T-15

T-15, a Russian submarine torpedo with a 100 megaton nuclear warhead that could trigger a monstrous tsunami on the enemy coast. Photo / / East2west News – Russia is rumored to be reviewing nuclear weapons with 100 megatons of explosive power, T-15.

Quoted from the Daily Mirror, Friday (29/06/2018), draft weapons development has actually existed since the Soviet era that was in the idea by Andrei Sakharov.

T-15 itself is a very deadly nuclear weapon. This underwater torpedo is said to have a 100 megaton nuclear warhead that can cause a tsunami on the opposing coast.

The physicist was moved to design modern Russian weapons with horrific effects after Vladimir Putin as the largest Kremlin leader since Josef Stalin.

Sakharov was known as the Soviet nuclear weapon designer, but he turned into a dissident. He has been actively demanding disarmament and voicing human rights.

He has condemned his nuclear torpedo idea which he calls “really low-minded”.

According to Russian state media, the great weapon of Sakharov’s idea is being reviewed. It was revealed Shamil Aliyev, 75, Russia’s top modern missile designer.

“There is a general tendency to review ideas that have never been implemented before,” he said.

“Sakharov’s idea of ​​making a 24-meter long nuclear explosive torpedo with a diameter of 1.5 meters and a distance of 50 kilometers is being reviewed,” he said.