US Military Continues to Develop Robot For War

Thanks to advances in AI, human-agent teaming and machine learning, Soldiers will provide commanders with real-time information about the enemy gathered from a variety of different sources. (Image courtesy of ARL) – The United States (US) military is reported to be continuing to develop robotic systems to improve its military defense.

So far, the US has also used unmanned aircraft systems for air reconnaissance process. But the US wants to also develop a robot for land and sea systems.

Don Sando, Director of Capability Development and Integration Directorate at Benning said they would create one operator for dozens of robots working on the battlefield.

He also said he would develop a robotic system for the military in urban areas. Due to the limited visibility in urban areas due to bridges, tunnel buildings and so forth.

A soldier can do reconnaissance on “large areas with fewer soldiers and many dozens of robotic systems,” Sando said.

“It started to be a problem especially in conditions like a dense urban environment,” Sando said.

This concept can be developed to improve the battlefield of communication when the network is hampered by enemy activity as well as natural hurdles.

“If our communications infrastructure is to be contested, as we know, how can I regenerate quickly and effectively in certain areas with robotic systems, both air and surface, to make that network?” Sando said.