Taiwan Military Drill to Simulate Repelling Chinese Invasion

Taiwan Military Exercises

Taiwan Military Exercises

Taiwan is reportedly about to stage a military simulation amid increased tensions with mainland China. The simulation will show how the troops should handle an invading force and repair a major air base just in case it gets hit. Beijing has been doing military operations close to the autonomous island, which is believed to be reason why Taiwan acted this way. There have been many fighter aircraft sent to the territory.

Ever since president of Tsai Ing-Wen was elected, tensions between the two countries have only risen. Taiwan has addressed the situation, but was unwilling to point finger at China. Instead, it made a diplomatic statement by saying the simulation was related to offensive forces invading Taiwan. A spokesperson for the Defense Ministry was more nonchalant about it. He said that the drills were indeed done in response to the rising tensions with China. Taiwan just wants to ensure its safety from foreign invaders. “It simulates this year’s situation and we are taking into consideration China’s Air and Naval movements in the region,” he said.

Tech companies will partake in the simulation by flying drones, which help a lot especially for battlefield surveillance. Meanwhile, building companies will provide sources for emergency repairs. The Air Defense drills are going to be a spectacle as well because air red alerts will be issued during the event. Taiwan gets its weaponry from the United States and it tries to import more to strengthen its defenses.

Even with the newest additions, military experts feel that mainland China could still overpower Taiwan and there’s a lot of work to do if it wants to be totally safe. US forces may come to the rescue, but it could turn dangerous for those involved. In a survey conducted recently, the majority of Taiwanese think that the feared invasion isn’t going to happen, but feel uncertain if the military is strong enough to defend itself against such an invasion.