China’s Ship Secrets Allegedly Sold To The CIA

Members of the People's Liberation Army navy are seen on board China's aircraft carrier Liaoning as it sails into Hong Kong, China July 7, 2017. REUTERS/Bobby Yip – Confidential data of China’s carrier Liaoning is believed to be sold to a US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent.

Quoted from page Asia Times, Tuesday (06/26/2018), The report said that the alleged company involved is China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC).

Sun Bo, a General Manager at the company is reportedly being questioned by the authorities for allegedly involving this.

“CSIC general manager Sun Bo is the subject of a new criminal investigation for potentially committing grave violations of the law and party discipline,” the report said.

He allegedly handed secret information to the CIA about the design and specifications of the Liaoning aircraft carrier after years of undergoing modifications. The giant ship was originally built by the Soviets and purchased by China from Ukraine which was later modified at CSIC’s shipyard in Dalian.

China has also made its first domestically made aircraft carrier design known as Type 001A. Some local media have questioned whether Sun also provided the Type 001A design to the CIA or not.