China’s Aircraft Carrier Set to Start Sea Trials This Week

China's Aircraft Carrier

China's Aircraft Carrier

China just finished its new aircraft carrier made domestically. Reports suggest it will start sea trials in the near future. If the event is held this week, then it will coincide with the PLA Navy’s 69th anniversary. However, no date has been confirmed, yet. The revelation wasn’t the only thing that took the world by storm. China is also preparing for another carrier. This new ship is called TYPE 001A (CV-17), which is reminiscent of the Soviet-built Liaoning.

The hull made its debut last year at the Dalian shipyard and the testing is expected to take place in the Bohai Sea. Following the announcement, the status has been changed to ‘No Go Zone’ at least until April 28. Military expert Song Zhongping said, “The first sea trials of china’s second aircraft carrier, built at the Dalian Shipyard, are likely to take place in the Bohai Sea and yellow sea to test its power and design.”

Military analysts from around the world have been eagerly waiting for it. The new aircraft carrier gives great contribution to China’s military. It would be one of two carriers with the ability to project firepower far beyond the borders. The areas where the tests would happen are not that far from the shipyard used to develop the ship. There was a main engine run performed a few days ago, which pretty much confirmed that sea trials will happen very soon.

According to a source, the trial is going to include testing of basic functions, communications systems, etc. It’s also going to be checked for potential leakage since it could be dangerous. Regarding the name, many predict that the ship will be named Shandong, but nobody can say it for certain. As of today, it has been called TYPE 001A. Though the appearance resembles the Liaoning, the technology will be very different.