Houthi missile attack in Riyadh

The sixth missile strike that struck Riyadh region, Saudi Arabia, since last December. Photo / Screengrab / Al Jazeera

atynews.com – A Houthi ballistic missile strike hits the Diplomatic Quarter area in Riyadh on Monday (25/06/2018).

The Reuters report, the missile was successfully confronted by Saudi Arabia’s patriotic missiles.

The impact of the explosion occurred around the buildings in Riyadh. Many who experienced a rupture broke out in the explosion.

Information collected, The missile strike into Riyadh is the sixth in the past year.

Total ballistic missiles successfully confronted by the Saudi military to its territory, the majority to the territory of Jizan and Najran, number more than 155 missiles.

Because of this attack, a number of locations in Riyadh are heavily guarded by security forces. It refers to important areas of the region.

There has been no official statement from local officials or military about this Houthi Ballistic missile attack.