“Eye Electronic” Track Palestinian Fire Fly

The Sky Spotter system, the electronic eye that Israel deploys to track kite flames, balloons and explosive condoms flown in from Gaza. Photos / Hadashot

atynews.com – The Israeli army is rumored to be deploying “electronic eyes” to track kites of fire flown by Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

Quoted from the show Hadashot TV, Saturday (23/06/2018), “Eye Electronic” is also known as the Sky Spotter system built by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

The same report, Eye Electronics is rumored to have watched the kite on the Israeli border since the last few days.

The system is rumored to be able to identify the flying obejek that goes into a region. Usually the military uses it before flying an unmanned drone or drone.

Sky Spotter can also provide advance warning to firefighters. Israel is even developing a laser system as a weapon to be installed in the eyes of the electronics.

As reported earlier, Citizens and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip flew a kite of fire containing crude to the Israeli border.

Due to the large number of such kites, a number of Israeli farmland in the area is reportedly badly damaged and crop failure.