Trump Willing to Walk Away if North Korea Talks Not Fruitful

Trump to meet Kim Jong Un

Trump to meet Kim Jong Un

President Trump just announced that he wouldn’t hesitate to walk out of the meeting with Kim Jong Un if it ends up being unfruitful for the country. He added his administration is now trying to reach out to Pyongyang in an attempt to release 3 Americans from the North.

“If I think it’s a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we’re not going to go,” he revealed during the meeting with Shinzo Abe. This would be the first for both Trump and Kim. Trump said he’d love to be flexible since it was the reason why the meeting could happen in the first place. “I think we’re going to be successful. But for any reason if I think we’re not, we end,” he added. There will be some important meetings to be held in the near future. After the two-day Abe-Trump meeting, the long-awaited conversation between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-In will also be held.

It was reported that Trump might see Kim in late May, but it could be moved to early June. Regarding the meeting, Abe said the North shouldn’t get special treatment or attention just because it was willing to talk. Trump was asked in the meeting why recent Pompeo’s secret talk to Kim didn’t lead to release of the 3 Americans.

Trump disclosed that his administration was working on the issue. In fact, it wasn’t the only thing he was intent on doing. He also wanted to find out why 13 Japanese were abducted a couple of decades ago by North Korean agents. Added to this list is Otto Warmbier’s death. His case shocked the world because he died shortly following his release from the country. He had been held captive for 17 months prior to that. This case has raised Trump’s concern particularly after the topic was brought up in the meeting with Abe.