EU Parliament Urges Turkey to Release Detained Greek Soldiers

Turkey to Release Detained Greek Soldiers

European lawmakers are trying to help 2 Greek soldiers that have been held by Turkey since March. They were arrested for crossing the border in Northeastern Greece, which was later confirmed to be an accident. The resolution basically advises Turkey to free the soldiers and send them back to their country. The lawmakers want turkey to respect the human rights and ask other member states to show support to the detained soldiers. Bad weather was the reason why the two crossed the border.

Despite not facing any charges, they’ve been in Turkish custody for over a month. Greece has said things like this should never be politicized because they can be solved quickly if the two cooperate. European lawmakers further urged turkey to respect human rights guaranteed under international law. The draft was reportedly initiated by the European United Left-Nordic Green Left, and backed up by almost all political parties. Only one that didn’t agree was ENF. Even conservative EPP has called out Turkey by saying that the detainees were political prisoners.

This issue would be debated in the plenary of the European Parliament on Tuesday. Together they will find solutions on how these soldiers should be released and what steps to take, so that they can go home without facing any consequences. A resolution about the release is expected to be voted on April 19th. They stand in solidarity with the soldiers and hope for the best outcome.

Many believe the two shouldn’t be jailed due to the fact that they had only trespassed into Turkey’s territory by just a few meters. Unfortunately, they were still detained and up until now have spent more than 40 days although no charges have been filed against them, yet. Such an issue should’ve been solved by local army officers. It doesn’t need to turn into a major political issue.