US Navy Move 41 Immigrants to Italy

Migrants are checked by emergency workers after arriving on the Italian coast guard vessel Dattilo at the eastern port of Valencia, Spain, Sunday, Jun. 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Alberto Saiz) – United States Navy (US) is rumored to have handed 41 immigrants to the Italian side today.

Quoted from, Tuesday (19/06/2018), It was done to the Italian ship on a Sunday near Lampedusa small.

As reported earlier, the 6th Fleet made a rescue in the Mediterranean Sea some time ago.

In this action, 12 bodies were found in water and 41 other immigrants were rescued by the US navy.

The head of the vessel Susan Orsini, said they were moved “in good spirits and in good health.” by the navy.

“Although we rarely meet people who suffer at sea, it is something we plan, train and prepare on a regular basis.” he added.