Assad Remains Resilient Following the US-led Airstrikes

US-led Airstrikes

Western officials released a statement on Saturday saying the recent missiles fired at Syria managed to hit the country’s chemical program. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a major impact on the civil war that has been going for years. There were 105 missiles launched in total by Britain, France, and the US. This was done in response to the chemical attack last week although it wasn’t the first one. Many people believe there are several chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

Of all the missiles, 71 of which were claimed by the Russia to have been intercepted. However, a US official denied it and said, “No Syrian weapon had any effect on anything we did”. Interestingly enough, the Syrian Air Defenses kept launching strikes when the mission was almost completed. The 40 interceptors reportedly missed the targets. They could’ve hit civilians, which was unfortunate if this happened.

The Pentagon revealed the attack included 19 new ammunitions called JASSAM. They were carried by 2 B-1B bombers, which were accompanied by a EA-6B Prowler. The latter was designed mainly for electronic warfare suppression. Judging by the number of launched missiles, the bombing was easily the biggest thus far against Assad’s government. The president still showed resilience even though five buildings had been destroyed from which smoke kept arising.

The buildings were known as a Scientific Research Center for the country where medical components were created. Assad has been helped by Iran and Russia in recent years to defeat the rebels. The three countries that initiated the missile attack are behind those who want to fight that group. They haven’t particularly targeted Assad’s government until recently. Days before the attack took place, Russia warned to evacuate the sites. This was likely the reason why there were no casualties reported. The strikes provoked negative reaction from Syria and its allies, saying they were lawless and unacceptable.