Saudi Arabia Shoots Down New Houthi Ballistic Missile

Houthi Ballistic Missile

An Egyptian Foreign Ministry released a statement on Tuesday saying that the country condemned the Houthi missile fired at Saudi Arabia. The militias fired a couple of ballistic missiles targeting Saudi Arabia. They were supposed to hit several areas, but had successfully been intercepted. The ministry added that the Egypt would provide support and condemn any side that tried to bring instability. Spokesman for the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, colonel Turki Al Malki revealed that some fragments of the missile struck an area, but it wasn’t so severe as there’s no damage reported.

The fragments were resulted from an intercepted missile. “Saudi Air Defence Forces monitored the launch of the ballistic missile by the Houthi militias from the Yemeni Governorate of Saada in the direction of Jazan,” he said. There were more missiles in which the country’s Defences managed to intercept, one was on Jasan, while others were supposed to hit Najran and Riyadh.

It’s been 3 years since the war began and there are still no signs of ending. More than 10,000 lives have been taken during that period. It used to be a civil war between the northern Houthi Tribe and the Yemeni Government, has escalated into a much bigger conflict which involves a Saudi Arabian-led coalition. It aims to reinstall the Yemeni government by defeating the rebels. The troops get their weapons from the UK and US. Meanwhile, the rebels are reportedly backed by Iran.

The last missile attack was only one of many regular attacks fired at the country in recent months. The Houthis are hard to defeat as they make up roughly a third of Yemen’s population. Ever since its deposition, the tribe had been constantly ignored by the government until it initiated uprisings from 2004 to 2009 which all failed. It was founded by Hussein Al-Houthis. He died in 2004, but the vision remains alive and passed down to his brother.