Yemen Claims Shoot Falls Drone Made in Iran

Photo: Al Arabiya – The Yemeni military is rumored to have shot down the Houthi militia drones in the Hodeidah region. Furthermore, the drone is believed to be made by Iran.

Reported from the page Al Arabiya on Monday (6/18/2018), It was delivered by Abdelrahman al-Lahji, Former commander of Yemeni elite forces.

He said the rebels were trying to spy on Yemeni forces’ movements. But luck was successfully shot down.

“The insurgents are trying to spy on and monitor the Yemeni forces’ movements, but were shot down and the militia began to crumble,” al-Lahji said.

He also said that the Drone was equipped by an explosive device while flying over al-Nukhaila area in al-Duraihimi district.

He also said that Yemeni government forces, backed by the Arab coalition, had reached the southern and northern ports of Hodeidah’s international airport.

“The army moved into the Houthi militia area at the airport and almost seized control of the entire territory around it,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to the Saudi Press Agency, the Yemeni Defense Ministry has announced Yemeni troops have killed 500 militia members in six days of fighting in Hodeidah.