New Images Showing a Redesigned Xian H-6 Bomber Surface

Xian H-6 Bomber

The US Navy has been working hard to improve the fuel ranges of its aircraft. Anti-ship missiles are another topic it’s focusing on since other countries like China have taken such projects seriously. To make it happen, the team tried to add supplementary fuel tanks to several aircraft, so that they can travel longer. The tanks were supplemented into the fuselage.It’s getting interesting since reports suggest China is developing technology that can counter that.

A few images were leaked all over the internet recently, showing a Xian H-6 Bomber carrying a specific weapon, which appears to be a DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile. Of course, the plane’s design was changed to fit in according to the pictures. For the record, the American defense officials are highly concerned about the platform. While there isn’t much information available regarding its operational capabilities, the missile was known to follow an arcing trajectory and travel through the atmosphere before finally locking the target.

Another thing that makes it special is the unique design that allows the missile to be hard to intercept. As a reliable weapon, the DF-21D is far from perfect. One thing that limits its performance is its targeting apparatus. It’s allegedly operated using infrared and radar to locate a target. This type of mechanism would require supporting assets, such as a land-based radar. It would also need an aircraft, be it is manned or not.

It’s not a new platform as we’ve heard about for years now, so it’s safe to say that the technology would’ve been more advanced. When it comes to the performance in the open sea, it’s still unknown. In fact, many assume that it has been tested to that extent. Anti-ship defenses give great contribution to a country’s military. They’re designed to help missiles reach target more easily without any risk of interception.