Russia Threatens to Strike Back if the U.S. Hits Syria

Russia Threatens to Strike Back if the U.S. Hits Syria

Russia has warned the U.S. to not take military action following the chemical attack that happened in Syria last year. Meanwhile, western leaders have decided that they want to work together to learn who’s behind the attack and target those responsible for the action which reportedly took 80 lives. The data was collected from medics and rescue workers. Many speculate that president Al-Assad was the mastermind, but has denied the accusation.

The Russian official warned U.S. against military action shortly after the meeting of the UN Security Council was held. There was no agreement made between the US and Russia, partially because both are allowed to veto. They offered different proposals, but ended up blocking each other. Russia’s Ambassador to Lebanon has announced that if they find any US missiles fired at Syria, they wouldn’t hesitate to shut them down. This could turn the tension into a dangerous situation. “If there is a strike by the Americans then… The missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired,” Alexander Zasypkin said.

He’d rather both hold negotiations to avoid future conflicts. His comments have drawn criticism from many people, like general Sir Richard Barrons who urged him to speak carefully on this matter because what he said could be misinterpreted as war. Moscow clarified on Wednesday, stating it would be better for all sides to avoid any action that could make things worse considering the Syria is already in a fragile situation.

The Kremlin still believed that the chemical attack wasn’t related to the Syrian government and those accusations swirling around weren’t based on evidence. Due to the military action debate, planes that wanted to fly close to Syria were told to be careful. There are over 20 flights due to fly to Cyprus on that day. Some are by Ryanair, while the rest are by EasyJet and British Airways.