US Navy reported to carry out rescue operations in the Mediterranean

This handout photo released on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 by the NGO Sea-Watch shows a US Navy ship, the USNS Trenton, as seen from the Sea-Watch 3 vessel, in the Mediterranean Sea. (Erik Markquardt / via AP) – The US navy is rumored to have carried out a rescue operation in the Mediterranean on Tuesday.

Quoted from the statement The Associated Press, Thursday (14/6/018), rescue process occurs during routine oprasi in the Mediterranean Sea.

The US Sixth Fleet, based in Naples, Italy, said in a brief statement to The Associated Press that the USNS Trenton Ship on Tuesday.

They provide assistance to marines who are in distress during routine operations.

“providing assistance to marines in distress encountered during routine operations in the Mediterranean Sea.”

It said 40 people were saved and given food, water and medical care on board. The Navy’s statement does not say where the survivors will be arrested but that “US authorities are coordinating with our international partners to determine their final disposition.”

The incident was first reported by the German migrant aid group Sea-Watch, which said 41 people were rescued and 12 bodies were recovered during the operation.