This Military Soldier Sentenced Lifetime For Releasing Chemical Weapons Near Army Bases

Ryan Keith Taylor (Photo: Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office) – A soldier reportedly charged a life sentence for releasing a hazardous chemical weapon near the US army base. report, Thursday (14/05/2018), the soldier named Ryan Keith Taylor, from New Llano.

He has pleaded guilty to making and detonating explosives releasing chlorine gas in the forest near the Army base in Louisiana last year.

Report from the authorities On April 12, 2017, Talor triggered explosive releases of toxic gases into the air in the Kisatchie National Forest.

Court filings say a military police investigator feels his skin is on fire when collecting samples at the blast site. The filing said the investigator was permanently wounded and should be medically excluded from the military.

A federal judge is scheduled to punish Taylor on September 12, 2018.