Boeing Expected to Produce Super Hornet Aircraft

Super Hornet Aircraft

The first Super Hornet by American aerospace major, Boeing is expected to be incorporated into the production line in 2010. The jets will be equipped with the best technology like conformal fuel tanks to help them reach greater distances. They will also feature an enhanced cockpit architecture that will offer better comfort. The best part is the stealthy coating will be improved as well.

Boeing recently received a contract from the U.S Navy, so that it can develop Super Hornets. The deal has a value of more than $54.3 million. There are several aircraft it plans on manufacturing using the budget, like the 21 EA-18G Growlers and 38 F/A-18E Super Hornets. The work will take place in numerous places across the country. It was later revealed that the budget came from expired funds, which had been approved by the Pentagon Financial Management Regulation.

Super Hornet seems to be Trump’s favorite topic because he has been bragging about it since he won the election. During a trip in March to St. Louis, he said that the U.S. Military would purchase Super Hornets with the best stealth and other advanced features that people would’ve never guessed before. One of those things is Radar Absorbent Materials (RAM), which are also referred to as stealth coating.

Despite being revolutionary, this isn’t the first time the equipment will be applied on aircraft. The same materials have been used for the Block II Super Hornet because they can shield the aircraft from radar detection. We can expect better performance on Block III jets. Current RAM is not perfect as it can’t absorb radar thoroughly at any frequency, but the composition plays a big role. Many people think that RAM makes a plane totally invisible, but it’s not true. The better notion would be RAM greatly reduces the chances of radar detection.