Clallam County Sheriff’s Office Wants To Sell Old Pistols

The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is preparing to trade in its Glock 22 .40 caliber pistols, above, for new Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0 9mm pistols. (Jesse Major/Peninsula Daily News) – Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is rumored to be selling an old Glock 22.40 pistol and will replace with a Smith & Wesson M and P M.0 9mm gun.

Reporting from the official website, Thursday (14/06/2018), Chief Vice Criminal Brian King said the pistol is not suitable for use by the police.

Reportedly, Many problems that occur in the pistol so it must be sold and replaced with a new gun.

The gun is said to be less recoil when accelerated and can hold more rounds, which means the deputy must be able to improve accuracy.

“Truly 9mm and 0.40 are very identical in their bullet characteristics, in the end this is what we value more,” King said. he said.

Reportedly Glock gun that is used now is more than 13 years old and is worth to sell.