US Will Not Revoke Sanctions Until The Denucleation Process Is Completed

US President Donald Trump grabbed the handshake of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during a historic meeting at Capella resort, Sentosa Island, Singapore, on Tuesday (12/6). Trump and Kim's meetings begin with a historic handshake. (AP / Evan Vucci) – United States (US) reportedly will not revoke economic sanctions from northern korea until the denuclearization process is completed in full.

Reuters posted on Thursday (14/6/018), it was delivered by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

He also said that the US gives 2.5 years for north korea to fully process denuclearization.

“Washington does not want to make a mistake, North Korea’s sanctions will not be lifted until the full denuclearization process has been done” said Pompeo.

As reported earlier, North Korea’s own leader has said denuclearization is his choice and can not be changed.

“We chose to denuclearize and make peace for everyone’s share, the process can not be changed and bargained,” Kim said in an opportunity.

As is known, North Korea is currently still in US and UN economic sanctions for its actions several times to test nuclear and ballistic missiles.