UN Agreed on Protective Resolution for Palestine

Nikki Haley. Photo: Reuters

atynews.com – The UN is rumored to have approved a resolution calling for UN Secretary General Antonio Gutters to create a mechanism of protection for Palestinians by the UN General Assembly.

Reported by Reuters on Thursday (14/6/018), it actually makes the US react to the agreement.

Through the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, the United States does not agree because the UN is considered to do a bias that only condemns Israel unilaterally.

Haley said the UN did not even mention Hamas, which he said was the source of the problem.

“The nature of this resolution clearly indicates that politics is driving this vote, it is a one-sided resolution that does not mention any of the Hamas terrorists who routinely initiate violence in Gaza,” Haley said.

The resolution also contains condemnation of the excessive use of Israeli troops against Palestinian protesters.