Army Prepare $ 50 Million Building Autonomous Supply Convoy

Oshkosh Palletized Load System (PLS) A1 (Photo: Courtesy of Oshkosh) – US Army Army is rumored to have set aside $ 50 Million to build a convoy of autonomous supplies.

Reported from, Wednesday (13/06/2018), The contract was awarded to Robotic Research LLC for unmanned resupply convoy across the battlefield.

Secretary of the Army, Mark Esper said autonomy is indispensable in the war. One of them is in the Iraq war.

Military workers have made robotics and autonomy a priority of service modernization.

Autonomous devices made by Robotic Research, will be installed on Army Vehicles, such as Oshkosh PLS A1s.

The program follows “Autonomous Mobility Appliquency Systems (AMAS), Joint Technology Demonstration (JCTD), and [Autonomous Ground Resupply] program to develop Leader Follower Directed Requirements and Programs of Records,” the release state.

The AGR architecture is being developed to “become an autonomous de-facto architecture for all ground robotics vehicles,” according to the release.

“Umy Army,” said Alberto Lacaze, president of Robotic Research. “The Robotic Research team shares the commitment of the Army to rapidly deliver effective autonomy solutions for our nation’s army.” he said.