Military Scientists Create Coffee Algorithms

Coffee. Photo: Google – Military scientists at the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command in Fort Detrick, Maryland have found an algorithm to determine the perfect coffee.

Quoted from Newsweek, Wednesday (13/06/2018), By using the algorithm, they can determine when and how much carein in a cup of coffee.

Further statement, A cup of coffee can increase alertness by 64 percent.

“Using an algorithm that determines when and how much caffeine in a cup of coffee, we can increase alertness by 64 percent,” said lead researcher Jaques Reifman.

Reifman also said, The algorithm they created is the first quantitative tool that can guide the safe and effective caffeine in coffee.

“Our algorithm is the first quantitative tool that guides safe and effective caffeine delivery to maximize vigilance in times of greatest need,” Reifman said.