Pros and Cons Trump Discourse Stop Military Training With South Korea

Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters – Donald Trump is criticized and supported on the discourse of stopping joint military exercises with South Korea.

Reported by CNN, Wednesday (06/13/2010), Many who support the attitude of this US President. One is support from Russia that supports the withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea and Japan themselves immediately spoke for a moment Trump delivered his plan to the media.

Both countries directly gave a press statement about the official attitude of each country.

Japan for example, reportedly they will directly ask this news certainty to the president Donald Trump.

South Korea, too, They will not be willing if the joint military training process is stopped by the US.

South Korea argues, It is very important for South Korean military training. Given that North Korea may at any time fire its missiles.

This statement was delivered by Trump on the sidelines of his meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore after the summit was completed.

“It is not good if we hold joint military exercises while the three countries discuss the peace process”. says Trump.

Trump also said that joint military exercises cost a considerable amount.