Russia Supports Full Plan of US and South Korean Military Training Dispute

    Us Military. Photo: CNN – Russia through its foreign ministry has said it fully supports the joint US-South Korea military training plan.

    Sputnik page reported on Wednesday (13/6/2018), Through the question. Russia supports all dialogue and diplomatic steps between the two countries to make peace.

    He also rated the Trump president’s positive statement. That it (military training) is not worth while the three countries talk about peace.

    “We judged the US president’s positive statement after the meeting, saying it was not appropriate to conduct military exercises during the negotiations, we believe that the cessation of provocative action is an important step to reduce tensions on the peninsula and build an atmosphere of confidence there,” he said.

    Russia has also formally welcomed negotiating steps between North Korea and the United States (US) Tuesday, 12/6 in Singapore.

    “We welcome the negotiations of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump We believe that normalization of bilateral relations between the two countries is an integral part of the solution of the Korean Peninsula problem and that Russia will support the political and diplomatic process on the Korean peninsula,” he said. again.

    In a statement, the ministry stated that Moscow also strongly welcomed Trump’s decision to halt joint exercises with South Korea.