Donald Trump Called Meeting with Jong-un Save the World from Nuclear War

Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters – US President Donald Trump said his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could save nuclear war.

Alert from the Channel News Asia page on Wednesday (13/06/2018), Trump said that the world has withdrawn from the potential for a huge nuclear disaster.

“The world has taken a huge retreat from the potential nuclear disaster,” Trump said.

Trump also added, “No more rocket launches, nuclear tests and research. The hostages can also return home with their families.

“No more rocket launches, nuclear tests, or research! The hostages returned home with their families, thanks to the leader of Kin Jong-un, our day together is a history,” he continued.

Trump also thanks Jong-un for taking the first bold step towards a bright new future for his people.

“Our unprecedented meeting, the first between an American President and a North Korean leader proves that real change is possible!”, He said.