Russian Nuclear Torpedo Called Can Make Tsunami 91 Meters

Multipurpose System. Photo: AFP – Russian-owned Nuclear Terpedo under the name Oceanic Multipurpose System Status-6 or Kanyon is believed to be capable of making a 300-foot or 91-meter tsunami if fired around the US port.

Slide on details of the Status-6 of the Kremlin has been leaked to the media since 2015. However, the nuclear torpedo which is also considered a “doom weapon” was officially introduced Russian President Vladimir Putin in a state address March 1, 2018 ago.

The claim that the Russian nuclear torpedo has the potential to cause a 300 foot tsunami was originally reviewed by Business Insider. However, when we were on Wednesday (13/6/2018) trying to access it, the report was deleted. Some experts also doubt if Moscow’s secret weapon could trigger a horrific tsunami in the US.

“There are some disagreements over whether it can generate tidal waves, but this is fine,” said Dr Mark Schneider, senior analyst at the National Institute for Public Policy told Fox News.

Issues about nuclear weapons belong to Russia is a hot debate among scientists and weapons analysis experts.

Some say that the weapon is very horrible and can kill 1 million people in one shot.

But some experts are also pessimistic weapons can be as powerful as weapons owned by the US.

As is known, the US and Russia both continue to develop weapons and defense of his country.