Kadena Air Base Continue Exercise F-15 After Accident

F-15. Photo: AFP

atynews.com – Kadena air base, in Japan will continue the mission of F-15 exercise in the Pacific after the F-15 plane crashed on Monday morning.

From the report quoted on Military.com, Tuesday (12/6/2018), the US and Japanese military in its release have checked the condition of all F-15 aircraft and said the problem did not occur from the F-15.

“Experienced and experienced pilots and managers have reviewed the initial facts and crash circumstances and are confident that the incident does not show a problem with the overall security of the K-Fad F-15 fleet,” the release said.

They also ensure the condition of F-15 fighter aircraft in good condition and ready for training in the Pacific.

“In the last 24 hours, we have reviewed all our F-15s, and we believe they are safe to continue training,” said Colonel Richard Tanner, Deputy Commander of Wing 18.

As reported earlier, Monday. The F-15C, assigned to the 44th Combat Squadron of Wing 18, crashed at about 6:26 am local time. The only pilot “successfully removed” and rescued by the Japanese Air Force Self Defense Force.