The eruption of Mount Fuego in Guatemala Made Sadness for Victims

Mount Fuego. Photo: Reuters – The eruption of Mount Fuego in Guatemala traumatized its victims. especially those who are still children.

The latest report from Guatemala, At least more than 100 people have been killed by the eruption of the mountain.

Meanwhile, international aid has also arrived. What’s more, Guatemala in detail has asked for international help because of this disaster.

The perceived trauma has more impact on refugee children around the eruption. Said a local official.

“The children of the victims of the eruption have been traumatized, what else have they witnessed such a catastrophe,” the official said.

Mount Fuego itself has erupted since last week and thousands of residents have been evacuated in a safer place.

What else is now volcanic ash and poison gas has become a danger for residents around the mountain.

The local government has imposed a standby for the status of the mountain and has made the radius distance allowed by the residents.