Iran Suggests North Korea Do not Believe In Donald Trump

nuclear iran. photo: google – Iran through its foreign ministry warned North Korea not to believe in leadership of Donald Trump.

This was conveyed by the Iranian foreign ministry hours after the US and North Korea summit was held.

Quoted from the Sputnik page on Tuesday (12/06/2018), Iran says the US has also violated their commitment to stop the agreement in the era of leadership Trump.

“The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un must know that the US has a history of stopping the treaty and violating their commitments before trusting Washington,” the statement said.

Iran’s statement is based on the US decision to get out of a nuclear deal reached in 2015 ago. Trump said the deal was so bad that it was not worth it.

In connection with the meeting of Trump and Jong-un, both are known to have signed a comprehensive document containing four points of agreement between the two countries.

The signing follows a historic meeting in Singapore aimed at denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. No details about the contents of the document but Trump said he expects the denuclearization process to be done “very, very quickly”.