US to stop joint exercise with South Korea

Donald Trump. Photo: AFP – United States (US) through president Donald Trump said it would halt joint exercises of US and South Korean military in the near future.

This is in line with reports from the Pentagon that will consider the withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula back home.

Quoted from Reuters on Tuesday (12/06/2018), This was delivered Trump on the sidelines of his meeting with Kim Jong Un Today in Singapore.

Trump argues, It is not in line to hold war games with its South Korean allies while the three countries are talking about peace. In addition, Trump also said that the exercise is a huge cost.

“The training is very expensive, we pay most of them, we negotiate, I do not think it’s appropriate for a joint exercise,” Trump said.

In the joint statement, Trump is committed to providing security guarantees to North Korea, while Jong-un reaffirms its commitment to resolve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

“The two leaders conducted thorough, profound and sincere discussions on issues related to the formation of new North-US relations and establishing a lasting and powerful peace regime on the peninsula,” the joint statement said.