Trump: Kim Jong Un Promise Full Denucleation

    The atmosphere when US President Donald Trump (left) with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un walked in the Park Hotel Capella, Sentosa Island, Singapore, Tuesday (12/6). Trump and Kim are optimistic that the summit will be a success. (Anthony Wallace / Pool / AFP) – After a dialogue of about 5 hours, the two US and North Korean countries passed an agreement. One of them is the process of full denuclearization by north korea.

    Reported from CNN, Tuesday (12/06/2018), It was delivered directly by the US president, Donald Trump.

    Trump said that Kim Jong Un promised to complete the denuclearization process and also destroy its ballistic missile site.

    “North Korea will destroy its main missile machine test site,” Donald Trump said in Singapore.

    “Kim Jong-un affirms his unwavering commitment to thorough denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula,” he said. “Kim intends to do it.”

    Melania Trump’s husband considers, the results of the meeting in Singapore is the achievement of his government.