US Air Force Has New Policy

    Air Force Lt. Jeff Harbor camouflages the face of his son Cody, 8, during a simulated pre-deployment exercise for Air Force children called "Operation Hero" at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana. (Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images) – The US Navy is rumored to have made new rules for leave leave. Be it maternity leave, maternity leave, and other leave.

    Reporting from the page, Monday (11/06/2018), This new rule makes the navy more freely to take time off.

    This new rule was announced last Friday. allowing parents to coordinate leave time between primary and secondary caregivers in the way that is most beneficial to their lives.

    The new policy applies to mothers giving birth, fathers, same-sex couples and adoptive and adoptive parents, the Air Force said.

    It outlines three forms of maternity leave or a qualified adoption: maternity leave, primary care nanny and secondary caregiver leave.

    Effective immediately, maternity leave and major maternity leave every six weeks. The secondary caregiver goes three weeks. Every mother born will have a healed leave, the Air Force said.

    This new rule also later declines who will nurture a child obtained by members of the navy either from through birth, adoption or surrogacy.