US Marines Will Recruit Old Army For Cyber ​​Operations

Marine Chief Warrant Officer David Coan, 35, has applied for a new cyber force position after serving 17 years in the Corps. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull) – US Marines (US) are rumored to be the director and give bonuses to anyone old soldiers who want to join in Cyber ​​operations.

Excerpted from the page, Monday (11/06/2018), This was delivered directly by the head of the Marine Corps today.

The US marine plan will build a new operation that is Cyber ​​operation. later this oprasi will monitor cyber attacks from Russia and China.

In the same statement, the Marine Corps chief also mentioned about 62 percent of marines aged 25 years or younger, with many serving only four years.

On that basis, they will consider recruiting older marines to be placed on the operation.

“It will be a slightly older, slightly more experienced Marine Corps because just as we love our young Marines … we need to be a little older because it takes longer to learn these skills,” General Robert Neller told defense leaders at the conference. San Diego.

“So we are an organization that looks at the whole way we do business, and that will change our culture.” he added again.

Marine Corps officials are quick to emphasize that core recruitment missions will remain the same for branches that boast the toughest soldiers in the US military.