This is the identity of US Special Forces Killed in Somalia

Staff Sgt. Alexander W. Conrad. Photo: – One member of US special forces Fort Bragg was killed and four others injured Friday during an attack on Somalia.

Meanwhile, militants in Somalia claimed responsibility for the attack which killed the Brothers of Fort Bragg.

Reported from page, Monday (11/06/2018), was Staff Sergeant Alexander W. Conrad, 26, from Chandler, Arizona who died in the attack.

Conrad himself was a non-commanding human intelligence officer assigned to Battalion 1, the 3rd Special Forces Group.

Reports from army commanders in Somalia and other US troops at the scene, they experienced mortar fire and light weapons at around 2:45 pm.

Last Saturday officials said the Americans were wounded.

“has been treated and discharged and is currently under the care of the US Embassy Medical Team in Kenya, as they are awaiting transport follow-up for additional medical evacuations.” the official said.

Conrad joined the Army in 2010 and previously served at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.