UNICEF: 200 Child Soldiers Released in Southern Sudan

Kids Military. Photo: Google

atynews.com – UN agency for children, UNICEF says more than 200 child soldiers in southern Sudan have been released.

Quoted from the CNN page on Monday (11/6/2018), there are at least 112 boys and 92 of them girls and some are 14 years old at a special ceremony held by UNICEF in the town of Yambio, in the southwest of the country.

Data from UNICEF, At least more than 19 thousand children served as child soldiers in the country.

In the same data, Children in the country have been forced into army since 2013 and where civil war broke out there.

“Children are not allowed to carry pistols or weapons,” UNICEF Representative in South Sudan Mahimbo Mdoe said.

Mdoe said those who were released would be reunited with their families, given psychosocial support along with the opportunity to go to school.

He added surrendering arms is the first journey in the recovery process, but living a normal life is even more difficult for children.