After the summit, the US will open the embassy in North Korea

Trump Planned to Open US Embassy in North Korea
Trump is reportedly willing to build official diplomatic relations with North Korea and even open US embassies in Pyongyang. Photo: Reuters – President of the United States, Donald Trump says will open the US embassy in north korea after the summit runs successfully.

Quoted from the local news page Singapore, Monday (11/06/2018), it was delivered by the US president ahead of his summit with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

“We plan to open the embassy in North Korea, of course if the summit and denuclearization process go according to what we expect”. Trump said on the sidelines of his talk with the media crew.

Anonymous sources say the talks are confirmed on the list at a meeting between Trump-Kim tomorrow, June 12.

“It is definitely discussed, the view is that they can discuss the matter, it is already on the table, of course they will consider it.Almost nothing will he release from the table,” he said.

However, rebuilding diplomatic relations was reported to have been discussed between working groups, whether in meetings in New York, the Demilitarized Zone of Korea and in Singapore.

“It will depend on what he (Trump) earns in return.” Denucleation is bound to take every idea if it leads to an irreversible and verifiable denuclearization that will not be played by Jong-un. ” both.