Donald Trump Plans to Invite Kim Jong-un to the White House

Donald Trump & Kim Jong Un. Photo: Google – US President Donald Trump plans to invite North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the White House.

Trump said this would be done after the success of the second high-level meeting in Singapore to be held tomorrow, June 12, 2018.

Quoted from Sky News on Monday (11/06/2018), Trump said after this will begin with the White House and said if the process of the summit will smoothly invite Kim to the US.

“Maybe we’ll start with the White House,” Trump said on the sidelines of a press conference.

Trump also hopes that the meeting in Singapore could provide a new future for North Korea.

“I hope the upcoming meeting in Singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for North Korea and indeed a bright future for the world,” he said.

Trump said he had received a “warm” letter from Kim Jong-un ahead of the meeting and he hoped to pursue normalization of relations with the North.