Kim Jong Un Brings Tight Guard to Singapore

Kim Jong Un. Photo: AFP – North Korean youth leader Kim Jong Un brings super-tight security when he visits Singapore to meet US president Donald Trump.

It was seen on Sunday afternoon local time when a Limosi carrying Kim Jong Un headed to the Singapore Palace to meet Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Upon leaving the Hotel where he was staying, the security forces escorted Kim’s car while running near the Limosi.

Five people each ran on the left and right of the limousine. The remaining two people ran behind the car.

The troops earned the nickname “bullet-proof guards” due to the close and tight protection they demonstrated.

The guards were in the spotlight as they ran to follow Kim’s car away from the demilitarized zone of Panmunjom.

In addition to security, North Korea also sent a team of journalists to cover the meeting that will be held at the Hotel Capella, Sentosa Island, tomorrow (12/06/2018).

The journalist team began recording Kim when he stepped out of the plane at Changi International Airport.