Capella Hotel Selected to be Trump-Kim Meeting Place

Capella Hotel. Photo: CNN – Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island was chosen to host two world leaders Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to hold the summit in Singapore on June 12 tomorrow.

Reported CNN, Monday (11/06/2018), Capella Hotel was chosen because of its place apart from Singapore so as to give the impression of a comfortable privacy for both meetings.

Reported earlier, President Donald Trump and also Kim Jong un have been in Singapore on Sunday night.

Both are accommodated directly by the prime minister singapore when it gets there to discuss the high-level meeting.

The hotel has a tropical garden and rooms directly facing South China Sea. In total there are 112 rooms in this hotel. Apparently the hotel is also famous by the people of Singapore who want to spend a weekend or just lunch.

The Singapore government itself has issued an order, Sentosa Island and the southwest coastal waters closed to the public due to a special event from 10 to 14 June 2018.