Kilauea Erupts, Hawaii Like a Hell

Kilauea Erupts, Hawaii Like a Hell
Lava flows are seen entering the sea along the coastline during the ongoing eruption at Mount Kilauea. Photo: Reuters – HAWAII since 3 May, was hit by a natural disaster with the eruption of Kilauea Mountain. The lava flow of the eruption of the mountain struck the house, the forest and continued to flow down into the sea. Conditions in Hawaii, like a ‘hell’. Earlier this week, new lava flows threatened the geothermal power plant infrastructure. This poses a new threat after the molten rock from Mount Kilauea bursts unceasingly across the settlement.

According to a United States geological survey, lava flows hit the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) geothermal power plant on Saturday night after destroying dozens of nearby houses. Since the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupted once in a century, authorities suspended the operation of the power plant and evacuated 60 thousand gallons of flammable liquids and disabling the wells, the vapors and the earthly gases used as electricity.

Magma continues to drain and shoots lava from the top of Kilauea and flows about 40 kilometers from the east side, and raises dozens of land cracks near the power plant. “The flow from slits 21 and 7 extends and continues to advance,” said Janet Snyder, a spokeswoman for the Hawaiian regional government.

Meanwhile, according to Hawaiian Governor David Ige said the well is still in a stable condition. According to the head of the country’s disaster management agency, mountain lava eruption has never destroyed any geothermal power plant and this potential threat has not been tested. But locals are still afraid of explosions of combustible materials from hydrogen sulfide-powered and lethal gases and other gases if power plant wells are damaged.

Residents also complained about the health hazards of factory emissions since it began operating in 1989. In addition, PGV, located on the side of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, was once sued. According to Hawaii Electric Light, the Israeli-owned 38 megawatt power plant provides about 25 percent of electricity on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Ormat Technologies Inc (ORA.N) operator last week said there was no damage at the power station but had to wait until the situation stabilized to assess the impact of the Kilauea lava earthquake and lava flow to the plant.

According to BMKG Hawaii, the wind will shift on Monday and Tuesday so the concentration of volcanic ash and Kilauea volcanic will spread to the west and northwest, which will impact on densely populated areas.