China Accuses US of South China Sea Militaryization

3 – China has accused US militarization of the South China Sea after sending bombers across the region within weeks.

As reported earlier, the US sent their B-52 bomber across the territory in the South China Sea this week.

Reported by CNN on Saturday (9/6/2018), through Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry denounced the US action.

He said that China hopes to explain the US action that sent bombers to the region.

He also said that, is not the US action is the militarization of the southern china sea region.

“I hope the US can explain to all parties: is not it militarization when you send an attack weapon like a B-52 bomber to the South China Sea?” Hua said.

He also said China would not stay after the B-52 bomber crossed the area.

“Is the B-52 there for the freedom of navigation and the flight? If anyone often showcases the power near your house, do not you have to increase your vigilance and increase your defense capabilities?

“China will not be intimidated by aircraft or ships, we will only increasingly take all measures necessary to maintain sovereignty and security as well as maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea.” he said.