Trump Wants to Use US Military to Guard Mexican Border

Trump Wants to Use US Military to Guard Mexican Border

Trump recently said that he would send members of the military to the U.S. border for protection. This is an answer to the long-promised wall that hasn’t built, yet. Trump has been vocal about his wish to protect the country from illegal immigrants. A statement was released by the White House right after President Trump talked to defense secretary James Mattis and other officials. While it didn’t reveal how the plan would be implemented, this only sharpens comments trump has made about immigration.

“Until we can have a wall and proper security we’re going to be guarding our border with the military”, he said. During his campaign, Trump had constantly said that he would like to build a big, beautiful wall. Although many are skeptical because Mexico has officially refused to pay for it, Trump is adamant with all the rhetoric he keeps spouting.

On the other hand, congress is still indecisive about the funding. It has yet to reach an agreement regarding the wall’s construction. Trump’s recent comments are directly linked to reports that over 1,000 migrants from South America have successfully travelled through Mexico towards the U.S. border. He wanted the caravan to be stopped before it made its way to the border. On some tweets, he also put the blame on democrat laws for limited performance of the border patrol agents. He even suggested that republicans should work extra hard to pass tough laws.

If the caravan isn’t stopped, he has threatened to risk the US’ relationship with NAFTA. Trump further commented on democrat’s reluctance to give up on DACA, a program designed for childhood immigrants, so they can stay here without fear of getting deported. Earlier this week, the white house said that it would try again to work on better immigration legislation. Reports suggest that the proposals would be like the ones released in October.